ICAN is a statewide coalition of colleges and universities in Indiana working to address high risk activities among college students.

2017-2018 Mini-Grant Awardees

The Indiana Collegiate Action Network is pleased to announce the 2017-2018 mini grant award recipients!  We look forward to working with these campuses as they improve the lives and health of students!

2017-2018 ICAN Mini Grants                                                          
Trine University            

Supporting Health Choices

Goal of the “Supporting Healthy Choices among Trine University students” project is to collaborate with different departments within the Trine University community to address, reduce, and prevent high risk drinking among Trine University students.  In addition, this proposed project will increase students’ awareness of the risks associated with heavy alcohol use, change misperceptions, and increase the number of students making better choices regarding their alcohol and/or other drug use.

Oakland City University                                  Identifying the Signs of Student Drug Abuse

To intensify Oakland City University’s focus and identify the signs of student drug abuse the campus task force will incorporate a Multi-Component Education Focused Program (MCEFP) to promote alcohol and drug abuse awareness. This year’s grant will primarily focus on the negative effects of prescription and illegal drugs greatly affecting the geographic region of Southwestern Indiana.

Purdue University                                           Purdue Parties Smart

Prevention project involves the socio-ecological model to foster behavior change including individual strategies to change knowledge, attitude and behavior and institutional strategies such as providing information for faculty/staff/administrators to incorporate into their interactions with students.

Manchester University                                     Alcohol Free Programming & Education

Goal of this initiative is to reduce the overall reported use of substances and minimize potential consequences of such use through ongoing late-night, substance-free programming and education.  The success of this initiative will be evaluated by the number of students attending the events and demonstrating a decrease in the reported use of substances on the 2018 ICSUS.

Allen County Drug Abuse Coalition                  Peer Educator Campus & Community Coalition

Building collaboration within and between campuses, attracting and retaining members, engaging student leadership, and using strong coalition models requires continual time, effort and support to implement the strategic prevention framework embedded in the NIAAA College AIM Matrix and environmental approaches.

Valparaiso University                                           Capacity Building & Program Expansion

Goal of the project is to work to increase direct referrals that are not sanction based to the office of Alcohol and Drug Education and provide additional resource information to students, faculty and staff.  Two main areas of campus life have been identified and high priority targets: Faculty / Staff and students in leadership and helping roles.