ICAN is a statewide coalition of colleges and universities in Indiana working to address high risk activities among college students.

Helpful Links

A non-profit organization dedicated to creating safer campuses for students


NIAAA website (research and resources)

Center for Science in the Public Interest Alcohol Policies Project (action alerts, fact sheets, new releases, publications)


University of Minnesota Alcohol Epidemiology (alcohol related research and information on effective public policies)

Pacific Institute of Research and Evaluation (alcohol related research and evaluation)

Online alcohol, other drug, and violence prevention resources as well as mental health resources for parents, students, and administrators

An ongoing study of the behavior, attitudes, and values of students and young adults in the US

2017 ICAN Annual Meeting Presentations

ICAN Master Presentation

Dr. Amy LaHood, "Parties, Pills & Pot: Rite of Passage or Russian Roulette?"

Mary Wilfert, NCAA, "A Primer"

Mallori DeSalle, Indiana Prevention Resource Center, "SBIRT: An Overview"

Mini-Grant Reports